Sede Operativa:
Via degli Artisti 6
50132 Firenze


Sergio Pollini

GoHomes interviews some historical shop in Florence
In March 2022 we met Sergio and Pierpaolo at Tripperia Pollini.

To experience the true Florentine spirit with all the taste buds, here is the platform of Sergio Pollini’s “tripe”, strictly for the street market of Sant’Ambrogio. Here is a must-taste: the Lampredotto of Florence made of strips of delicious beef stomach in a sandwich with white bread. For the brave and nostalgic “was a better time”.

The temptation to push replay is real. Sergio Pollini also offers the aforementioned tripe, and either protein can be dished out in a container with the roll on the side. Either way, it’s a must-have dish on your playlist.

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